music by ssaliva
Investigate spectral manipulations_
Psy-ops through electromagnetic beams
Earth’s skin,
Air and above the soil,

___E.L.F on and below

'core.pan : elveshaarp is the solo exhibition by core.pan in Milan at Macao, presented and curated by Nocturnal Reflections (Nicola Tirabasso) and Outreglot (Aude Van Wyller) as ECTOPLASM, a brand new program in between the curatorial art practise and live performances. The exhibition presented digital and material artworks, as an hybridisation of their practices, mostly created on site, embodying a visual poetry that travels through immaterial consciences, ai ethics & quantum mysticism.

Those conceptions are translated in one invented word: ELVESHAARP incorporating issues like HAARP project (symbolising the extreme human natureʼs manipulations) and artificial neural networks (as consciousness-breaker). Through the computation and wetware generative networks, the artificial neural networks image challenge and reveal a new reality from its basis like landscapes, lifeforms and space/time in a “out-of-body” rendered dimension, transcending the biology and limitations of our body/brain as a kind of mirage.'
Nicola Tirabasso

The featured videos are graphic visualisations created with the help of an artificial neural network that generate visual interpretations of sentences.

'forest lake'

'stone of light at night'

'fountain in the valley of storms'

'inside of a black hole'

'mass of light'

'empty sun'

'stream sculpture you ahead liquid shapes lighting someone aerial'